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Creating Your Oasis: Water Features

Creating Your Oasis: Water Features

Why adding a water feature to your space might be the best thing you do this year

Summer has arrived, temperatures are rising and life is starting to pick up again. With the pace of a summer schedule we all need a place to relax and decompress. One of the best ways to create a peaceful sanctuary within your landscape is through the use of water. There are a variety of ways you can incorporate water into your space. Keep reading for more ideas!

Benefits of water features in your backyard

Here are a few reasons why water can be so beneficial to your space:

For functional reasons, if you live in a noisy neighborhood near a highway or other environmental disturbances, water can act as a buffer for noise. Disruptive sounds can often deter people from using their backyard spaces. Replacing an unpleasant sound for the peaceful one of water, can help you reclaim your backyard escape. Waterfalls, fountains and bubbling rocks all provide great sound masking qualities. 

Even if you aren’t struggling with noisy surroundings, water can increase the sensory experience in your yard. Appealing to more than just your visual sense, water helps create a fully immersive experience with your surroundings. Water appeals to both your visual, audible and even tactile senses creating backdrop & ambiance while you relax or entertain. 

Adding water to your yard can also be a great benefit to the natural environment. Water features can attract wildlife.  It gives the birds a place to feed and is also a benefit to many insects. This helps generate a healthy ecosystem.

Types of Water Features

There are many types of water features that will add interest and flair to your landscape. Picking the right one can be hard. A professional can assess the space you have and determine the kind of feature that will best suit your lifestyle and taste. 

Ponds, Waterfall and Fountains

Ponds are a great way to incorporate water into your landscape. While you do need a lot of space, the pay off is a beautiful feature that provides enjoyment for both you and surrounding wildlife. If you have ever been interested in fish, ponds provide a habitat for them to flourish. Aquatic plant life also does well in ponds creating an optimal environment for plants such as water lilies. 

In conjunction with ponds are waterfalls. Waterfalls are typically very large features that feed into a pool or pond. Pool side, these features can be very modern in the form of a wall or spout. They can also be organic and natural consisting of an arrangement of boulders with plant material scattered around. Understanding your design style can help you select the best waterfall for your space.

Fountains can either be installed as a feature on their own or as an addition to a pond. Freestanding options often act as a focal point providing architectural interest and movement in a space. Adding a fountain to a front yard can make an entry more grand. While adding one to the backyard can provide a calming ambiance to relax by. 

Pondless Water Features

If you have a smaller space you may want to look at a pondless water feature. Some prefabricated fountains do not require a pond and will act as their own unit. If you are looking for a more natural option, a bubbling rock may be the right fit for you. While a bubbling rock will not provide the same volume as a waterfall or fountain, it will create some background noise making it a great addition to your tranquil lounge area. They also make great focal points in small spaces providing a layer of texture to the landscape. 


No matter what option you choose, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a low maintenance water feature. Every water option requires winterizing. Whether that be bringing a small feature inside when the temperature drops or removing the pump before the cold comes through. This means that at the beginning of the spring and the end of the fall, the feature will have different maintenance needs to prepare it for that season. In the fall, leaf debris and build up is an issue that needs to be addressed. During the spring, you will need to assess winter wear. Summer heat also brings out the potential for algae growth. A professional can help you assess the needs of your water feature no matter what season it is. 

Water features are amazing and can add so much value to your space. Just make sure that they fit your lifestyle or they can become more of a pain then a pleasure.

Whether you are ready to design a water feature into your space or want us to help you maintain an existing one, we have the tools and expertise to help. Get in touch with us today about your water needs >>


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