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Paradise Found

This backyard had some significant slope, which we were able to use to our advantage to create a modern, multi-level, resort style landscape. Sandblasted concrete walls and patios create a subtle yet sleek backdrop to some modern and dramatic accents. An ‘L’ shaped deck inlay highlights the pool and provides functional access to the automatic pool cover. This tropical looking composite decking adds warmth and colour to the space, and plays nicely off of the neutral concrete. ‍The pool and the main surrounding seating areas are on the middle of 3 terraces, which really highlights the pool as the focal point of the space and created some interesting layout possibilities. One of these interesting layout options was that the main dining area is only separated from the pool, by the 18’’ tall knee wall that is retaining a portion of the pool. This creates a really strong connection between the dining area and the water, which was made possible with the pool elevation and its close proximity to the dining space. The pool becomes very sculptural, and resembles a reflection pool/fountain while people gather around the dining table. A Summerwood shed located in the back corner of the lot provides housing for the pool equipment as well as change room for those using the pool. A custom outdoor shower on the face of the shed will help maintain the pool cleanliness.Monoculture gardens surround the property to create bold and dramatic vegetation pockets. Columnar trees are positioned to help buffer unwanted neighbouring views and ornamental multi-stem shrubs add visual aesthetic.‍


Homeowners who value creative design and exceptional craftsmanship, trust Earthscape’s simple step-by-step process to transform an outdated or non-functional landscape into an exceptional outdoor escape.

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