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Landscape Water Features Gallery

The sound of moving water – trickling, falling, or rushing – brings tranquility and a feeling of seclusion to any space. Earthscape employs a variety of techniques in stonework, metalwork, and engineering to create and install unique water sculptures, ponds, and rills.Moving water features can be incorporated into any size of space and can be naturalized or architectural to complement the overall outdoor design.Whether your water feature is part of a new landscape plan or is being incorporated into an existing landscape, our designers take detailed measurements and grade information to ensure your feature’s functionality. Our process doesn’t just stop with the installation of the feature. Earthscape also provides services for the open, closing and maintenance of your water feature. With our team you can be sure your water feature will always look as spectacular as the day it was installed.


Homeowners who value creative design and exceptional craftsmanship, trust Earthscape’s simple step-by-step process to transform an outdated or non-functional landscape into an exceptional outdoor escape.

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