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Serene Splash

Client wanted to be able to swim in the summer and have a hot tub in the winter however the lot size didn’t provide enough room for both. They opted to go with a swimspa. They wanted to utilize every square inch of the backyard with either a deck or patio.

The swimspa provided a few challenges, the first being the size. They are bigger than they look and the client wanted it to be sunk into the deck. An oversized pit was dug to allow room for any maintenance to be done and a 6×6 timber retaining wall was installed around the entire perimeter. We had to install a sump pit as well for any spring water runoff. The spa sits on a concrete pad surrounded by drainage stone. The composite deck was built at an elevation to avoid any railings and keep the space open. The spa is as flush to the deck as possible as to not interfere with the lockable cover. An inset storage bin was added to the one end of the deck. This acts as an access panel to the plumbing underneath as well as a waterproof compartment for furniture cushions. A couple of Fir privacy screens were installed to help buffer the views from the neighbouring properties, one has a frosted glass insert to match their existing outdoor table.

An interlock patio is located just beside the deck that houses a dining area as well as an entertaining area with a small chiminea. The clients don’t have much of a green thumb so low maintenance gardens were a must. We picked a palette of medium to large, multi seasonal shrubs and some ornamental grasses. A backdrop of black cedars and Pyramidal Hornbeams are used to fill a tight spot but as well screen some noise and views.

The site is finished off and complimented by landscape lighting that allows all spaces to be used any time of the day.


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