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Reliable, Timely and Efficient
Landscaping Services

Our company is committed to providing professional landscaping services in a reliable, timely and efficient manner. Earthscape specializes in landscaping, site drainage, seeding and sodding, retaining walls, brick and stone pavers, artificial turf, as well as plant design and installation. No matter the project size, we promise to be by your side every step of the way

Services We Offer

  • Drainage
  • Seeding and sodding
  • Retaining walls
  • Brick and stone pavers (driveways & pathways)
  • Artificial turf
  • Plant design and installation
  • Irrigation system design/installation, maintenance/winterizing
  • Aeration/dethatching/fertilizing/weed & insect prevention
  • Outdoor fire pits
  • Patio/Deck design and Installation
  • Hot tubs & swimming pools
  • Outdoor living areas & kitchens
  • Natural water features (ponds/fountains)
  • Fences Arbours & Pergolas
  • Landscape lighting (installation & design)

Let us know what your budget is so that we can
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Our Fee Structure

No matter the project size, we promise to be by your side every step of the way.
Our fee structure guideline is below:


Minimum for projects that include one of the following: planting, seed or sod, drainage, outdoor lighting, brick patios and all other hardscaping elements.

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Sample Work

Entrance & Driveway

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Welcome Home
This project encapsulates the essence of a welcoming home. We started by creating a large landing connecting the driveway to the front entry. Doing this allows a seamless transition from front door to car while also providing a space for larger groups of people to smoothly navigate the space.
Simple details are what really tie this whole project together. A low precast wall defines the space in a modern and sleek way. Clean lines are represented all throughout the design from the overall layout, to the garden beds and the sleek handrail. Dual tone interlocking pavers were selected to provide interest to the simple design. Precast steps at different lengths allow for a pocket for a planter and hides the old parging on the porch. The plant material was selected to accentuate the landing and soften the sharp lines. All these elements allow any guest to feel right at home walking up to the house.


63323ef339190f60fed3e30c 602ce8bd12ad3943b70478d8 IMG 2632 p 800
Garden Solitude
Planting is key to the feeling of serenity and solitude in this space. A simple interlocking pattern was selected to allow the plant material to do the talking in this elegant landscape. By using a variety of heights and textures in the plant material choices, we created a backyard environment that provides the perfect escape. A simple bowl water feature accents the space and provides a focal point for the seating area. This water feature creates soft background sounds and adds to the ambiance of the space.


63323f07a63d1c2f1cd47e82 60425a3f07a2780356279c21 Small Urban Backyard Landscape p 800
Small But Powerful
This urban landscape may be simple but it captures all the elements our client was looking for. Vertical features like this deck allow a small space to feel larger by breaking up the landscape and defining two separate entertainment spaces. These spaces are further defined by the simple paving pattern that delineates the dining area. Having the hottub cut into the deck provides easy access and ensures this feature will be used well into the winter time due to the proximity to the house. A neutral planting palette with pops of purple accent the space without feeling too busy. Lighting creates a soft ambiance and allows the space to be used comfortably into the evening.



Homeowners who value creative design and exceptional craftsmanship, trust Earthscape’s simple step-by-step process to transform an outdated or non-functional landscape into an exceptional outdoor escape.

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