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3 Critical Elements to a Front Yard Design

Your front yard says a lot about your home. It is the first thing people see when they walk into your house and therefore influences your guests first impressions. If you take into consideration a few key elements, you’ll be sure to make anyone feel welcome the moment they pull into your driveway.

1. Curb Appeal & Style

Ensuring that your property is appealing to walk up to is not only important for first impressions but can also help when selling your home.

Plants (specifically trees) are a great investment. They only get bigger in time, and increase the value of your home. If you are lucky, trees will eventually shade a portion of the house which will lower your air conditioning bill.

When creating an aesthetically pleasing front yard, you also need to consider the size and scale of the elements. Most walkways and steps are too small. To be in proportion with the rest of the house, walkways and steps should be wide and welcoming.

Your front yard is a reflection of you. It should reflect your style and tastes. However it is also important to consider how your house will fit in with the rest of the neighbourhood. If you don’t want your house to stick out, you will want to pick up on the details and styles of the homes in your neighbourhood.

Large Interlock Circular Driveway Estate Home.

2. Privacy

Privacy is an important element of creating a front yard that feels safe and secure. Whether you want to fully enclose your front yard or block views to your porch, privacy needs to be considered.

Large front yards can be challenging to keep private. Your first instinct may be to block off views entirely by putting up a wall. However, there are softer ways to create selective views. Adding plant material and trees allows passers-by to catch glimpses of the property without seeing everything directly. Layering plant material allows the level of privacy to increase from the curbside and open up as you approach the home.

This can also be achieved in smaller yards by adjusting the scale and size of the plant material. With minimal space to work with, taking advantage of angles and plant material will help your front yard feel sheltered yet welcoming. Tall grasses and shade trees can help accomplish this.

Tall flowers and small trees lining the front of a house.

3. Functionality

A good front yard is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. This includes pathways, accessibility and proper lighting.

You need to take into consideration the main point of entry into the house. If you have more than one entrance, it should be obvious which one you are trying to highlight. Pathways can help provide direction and create a grand entrance into your home. If your front door has a small or awkwardly angled path, consider a wider path to open up the space.

Tall plants and bushes providing privacy for the front of a home.


Pathways and steps make your property accessible to you and your guests. You want to make sure they serve a purpose. Think about how you park in relation to your entrance. You will want to align the path with where you typically get out of the car. Decide whether you want your path to be short and direct or meander for a grander feeling.

A three story brick home with a neatly organized front yard.


If you have elderly family members living with you or are planning for the future, you may want to look for ways to reduce the amount of steps or add a ramp. A front entrance that is accessible, means everyone will feel welcome.

Front Steps With Railing Modern Paving Stones.


Lighting contributes to the functionality of the space. Whether it is a lamp post, some path lights or a door light, having your property well lit is important. Lighting increases the safety of your property by guiding the way to your home at night and deterring unwelcome guests by illuminating dark pockets.

Modern Concrete Front Walkway with Landscape Lighting.

If you keep these few things in mind you are sure to impress your guests the minute they walk up to your property. Need help designing the perfect front yard? Get in touch with one of our talented designers by clicking here.


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