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4 Benefits to Choosing A Design Build Firm To Create Your Dream Landscape

Starting a landscape project can be an overwhelming process. With many options and companies available, finding the right fit may seem daunting. Some companies offer design only services which means the client often manages their own project and is responsible for sourcing contractors and materials themselves. If you are looking for a hands off approach to your project you may find design build has the most to offer. Here are 4 benefits to choosing a design build firm to create your dream landscape: 

Benefit 1: A team approach to creating a quality space

With a design build firm, you have a variety of professionals weighing in on your project to ensure it gets done right and on time. From experts in construction, design and plant maintenance there is always someone able to answer any question. 

The design process requires thinking about both the functionality and the aesthetics of the project. With design build, you are getting insights from a designer as well as the construction experts who will actually be building the project. This ensures that the design is both well thought out and works in the landscape. 

A design build firm works as a team. We all have the same goal and thus everyone upholds the same standard of work. When hiring multiple contractors from different sources, standards may vary. Design build firms are able to monitor the standard of work and correct elements when necessary. 

Benefit 2: Value engineering to ensure you are able to get the most landscape for your budget

The design build approach can make your dream landscape a reality. If cost is a major factor, a design build approach may mean the difference between proceeding with the project and abandoning it down the line due to cost.

With this method we have the flexibility to propose alternatives in the design if the project is not within your budget. Materials and methods can be adjusted to help reduce the costs as the firm is carrying out the construction. With a typical design only firm, materials are set ahead of time which makes swapping elements a more complicated process if costs need to be cut. 

Flexibility is a great aspect of the design build approach. In the same way that it is easy to remove items, adding elements is also an easier process. The fluidity of the design build process means we are able to continue developing the design as new ideas or problem areas arise. With the bid build approach, these elements are determined at the beginning of the process which means elements are harder to fix if problems or unforeseen issues arise.

Benefit 3: Team to team communication ensures your project is managed in the most efficient way

Our construction teams work with our landscape designers on a regular basis. With the construction team involved from the beginning, there is less back and forth when it comes to the execution of the design. With a team approach to design, communication is made a lot easier. As the general contractor, this means there are fewer people in the chain of conversation and thus less confusion as information is passed hand to hand. This is the best way to ensure a smooth and efficient project. 

With design build, it is easier to remain on time and on budget. When unforeseen issues arise, a direct relationship with the design and construction teams, means problems are solved sooner. With design-build, the designer will often come to the site to talk through the issues and come up with a solution on the spot or soon thereafter. With bid build, the changes have to go through many sources. By the time a decision is made, delays are often inevitable.

Benefit 4: The best materials for your design at the best price

With expertise from both our construction and design teams, you are guaranteed to be getting the best material for your project. We are able to select materials that both create a stunning design but also work with the specific landscape and application. This expertise comes from a team that has experience working directly with the materials we are proposing. 

Changes are easier with the design build process. With design build, if a material that was spec’d is unavailable the designer is able to offer alternatives on the fly. With bid build, this process is more time consuming and may come with additional costs associated with the changes.  

Does a design build approach to your dream landscape sound like the right fit for your project? Get started on your journey with our team of professionals >>>


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