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5 Benefits of Regular Professional Landscape Maintenance

Key Takeaways

● Maintenance is essential for your yard’s aesthetic appeal and physical health

● Trusting a landscape professional is the best way to ensure the success and longevity of your landscape

● Regular maintenance saves both time and money in the long term

Why Maintenance Matters

Regular landscape maintenance is essential for the success of your landscape. From aesthetics to plant health, regular service keeps your gardens in peak condition. Here are 5 benefits of regular professional landscape maintenance:

1. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is more than just what you see, it’s how people perceive your space. Gardens and landscaping can evoke feelings of peace and calm. However, if left to run wild, landscapes can feel overwhelming and even unsafe in some cases.

Your Home is an Expression of You

The exterior of your home is an expression of who you are. In the same way you carefully curate the interior of your space or take care of your cars, your outdoor space should be tended to. The exterior is the first thing people see when they enter your home and often provides the first impression before they even step foot through the door. A team of maintenance specialists will ensure your space allows for positive feelings by keeping things orderly and allowing the true design intent to shine through.

2. Weed Control and Overgrowth

Regular care is not just about aesthetics. Regular services can help ensure the health and wellness of the plants you and your designer carefully selected! If weeds are allowed to run rampant, they can choke out your new plants, not giving them the chance to establish properly and in some cases kill them off.

Your Plants Have a Lifespan

Another thing that constant maintenance takes care of is garden overgrowth. Each of your plants has a different life span. At the end of their life span, they will reach their maximum size and growth potential. Once this happens, those plants will start to either look overgrown or tired. This can leave your whole garden looking underwhelming. A professional team will be able to suggest which plants need to be replaced and what to replace them with. They will also be able to rejuvenate and trim back plants that still have a little more life to live.

3. Control and Manage Disease

Catching disease early can mean the difference between keeping plants alive or not. When you have a team regularly checking on your plant and lawn, they can catch things that you wouldn’t otherwise see such as damage, disease or insects. Any of these obstacles left unattended can be detrimental to the health of any of your trees, shrubs or perennials. Disease can easily spread from plant to plant taking out many along the way.

Catch Disease Early

To stop the spread, the disease needs to be identified as soon as possible to prevent contamination. Damage is also a common garden concern. If a tree or plant is injured, action needs to be taken quickly. A broken limb or branch can easily turn into a larger issue if not pruned properly or promptly on time. Under or over-watering can also lead to disease. Your team will be able to catch and identify disease, damage or improper care with expert perspectives through regular maintenance visits.

4. Saving Time and Money

A lot of time and work go into keeping your gardens in top condition. Many jobs need to be done to have a flourishing garden. Gardens tasks such as deadheading, trimming, weeding, pruning and edging need to be completed. Lawns need mowing and care to maintain their health and colouring. Spring and fall cleaning is required to keep properties tidy and prepare them for the following season. All these tasks pile up and create a lot of work for homeowners. In the long run, regular care doesn’t only save time but it saves you money. It is more cost-effective to regularly maintain your garden than to let it go and have to do a major overhaul.

Garden Maintenance Is For Everyone

It is easy to underestimate the time that goes into maintaining your landscape. It is easy to let your gardens go when the business of life gets in the way. Having a regular team ensures garden care is done with skill so you don’t have to worry about it. Garden maintenance is also great for those who are elderly and may not be physically able to complete these tasks. However, regular maintenance is not just for those who aren’t able, it is also for those who don’t enjoy the jobs or don’t have time to care for their gardens. This allows you to spend more time outdoors relaxing and enjoying your landscape as opposed to caring for it.

5. Experts in Garden and Lawn Care

The best reason to get regular maintenance is the knowledge and expertise your team brings to your garden care. If you choose a reputable company, your team will have a variety of experts on staff that help them make the best care decisions for your garden or grass. These skills will help you save time and money, ensuring the right treatment is applied or the best replacements are recommended. Your team can also help point out improper care such as over or under-watering, and correcting the issue before it becomes a problem. From lawn to plan care, your team of experts will be able to take the guesswork out of gardening.

Want a good place to start?

Your landscape job doesn’t stop once the crews leave your yard. Your landscape has living, evolving elements and that means you will need regular care to keep it looking as good as the day it is installed. Our team of landscape maintenance professionals is ready to make your life easier and take your garden to the next level. With services ranging from biweekly or weekly maintenance, spring and fall cleanups and property enhancements there is sure to be something that meets your needs. Get in touch with us today to start your maintenance journey >>>

Ready to Start Landscaping Your Home?

If you are ready to start your landscape project or to upgrade your existing landscape, be sure to get in contact with Earthscape. Our team of experts is excited to help you create your dream landscape. Earthscape is an award-winning landscape design, build and maintenance company. Our goal as a company is to provide the ultimate experience for our colleagues and our clients by striving to be the best contractor our clients have ever worked with. We are by your side every step of the way, ensuring consistent communication during the entire process.

What We Do Best

Our professional landscaping services include design, installation, maintenance, and landscape enhancements such as landscape lighting, irrigation and much more. With locations in Elmira, Ontario and Toronto, ON we look forward to servicing clients from these areas and beyond. Our on site teams are ready to make the transition from design to construction seamless and headache free regardless of the project value. With open communication and a great track record of successful projects, Earthscape is here to help you!

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