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5 Signs It’s Time to Rejuvenate Your Landscape

As summer comes to a close we reflect back on the warm weather and the time we were able to spend outside. Similar to the spring, we start to consider what needs a refresh or what needs to be removed from our spaces. Our outdoor spaces are no exception! Here are 5 signs it’s time to rejuvenate your landscape: 

1. Your Landscape Needs Have Changed

If your landscape is no longer serving your needs then you need to consider rejuvenating your space. Landscapes need to change and grow as you and your family do. Have you expanded your family and need more entertainment space? Consider adding more patios to accommodate. Did your neighbour cut down a large tree leaving an open view into your yard? Consider your options for increasing privacy with new trees or screens. Did you move into a new space and it is just not your style? Edit your landscape to reflect your design tastes. The more you cater your landscape to your needs, the more use you will get out of the space you have invested into. A landscape professional can help you rework your landscape based on your needs. 

2. Your Gardens Are At The End of Their Lifespan

Gardens have life spans just like any other living thing. Once they near the end of their life, they do not have the same impact. The typical lifespan of a garden is 10-15 years depending on your plant material (not including trees). There are a few clues you can look for to determine if your garden is at the end of its life. If your plants are not flowering at all or not vibrant the way they used to be, you may need replacements. If your plants are not coming back the same way they used to in the spring or are resistant to pruning techniques, it may be time to swap these out. Maintenance professionals can help you identify plants that need to retire and suggest alternatives. 

3. Your landscape is boring and lacks interest

You have a good base to your outdoor space but you can’t help thinking your landscape could be better. Rejuvenation doesn’t just mean things that are broken or tired. It can mean adding spark and depth to an otherwise dull, existing landscape. Take your space to the next level with a focal point feature such as a waterfall or bubbling rock. Brighten up your gardens by adding colour and seasonal value with plants that have fall and winter interest. Expand your backyard use time into the evenings with a lighting system. A landscape professional can offer you suggestions to take your landscape to the next level. 

4. Your Landscape Is Not Functioning Like It Use To

As a landscape ages things can become weathered and broken, leaving it unsafe or unusable. Rejuvenation can mean making your landscape more user friendly. Some of these needs in the landscape are more imminent as they can put you at risk for injury if left unattended. A cracked or heaving step can turn into a tripping hazard if left broken. A broken fence can mean your yard is not as safe for pets and children. Nonfunctional landscapes can also look like blocked access points or unusable pathways. Fixing these elements can only increase the value of your space. Getting your landscape into shape is not only beneficial aesthetically but also in over functionality. 

5. Your gardens are messy

Chances are if your gardens are looking off or feeling overwhelming, they are in need of proper maintenance. Weeds, messy edges or damaged plant material can reduce the appearance of your garden. If time is an issue, a professional maintenance team will be an asset in keeping your garden looking fresh all season long. Overcrowding can also make your garden appear messy. If your garden was not planned with proper plant sizes in mind, plants will compete with each other leaving things overgrown and other plants lost in the mess. A garden professional will be able to assist in editing plant material out to create proper spacing so your plants will grow and thrive.

A tired landscape doesn’t always mean you need to start from scratch. Enhancing your landscape may be just the thing you need to get your garden back to its former glory. If you have a landscape that needs refreshing, reach out to our team today >>> 


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