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6 Common Landscaping Mistakes

(And How to Avoid Them)

Common Landscaping Mistakes Earthscape Project “Field Of View”

Earthscape Project: “Field Of View

Key Takeaways

  1. Planning with a clear vision of your budget and needs in mind is essential to the success of your landscaping
  2. Constructing your landscape requires expertise and proper
    management in order to come in on time and on budget
  3. Your landscape requires attention and care beyond the last day of construction. Expertise is crucial here to project your investment.

Landscaping is a great way to enhance the appearance of your home. However, it’s not uncommon for people to make mistakes when it comes to designing and maintaining their outdoor spaces. These mistakes can not only detract from the beauty of your property but also lead to unnecessary expenses and frustration. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the most common landscaping mistakes and provide guidance on how to avoid them.

Before You Start

Mistake #1: Failing to Plan

Common Landscaping Mistakes Make a plan

One of the most common landscaping mistakes is failing to plan. Many people start a landscaping project without a clear vision of what they want to achieve. As a result, they end up making costly mistakes that could have been avoided or they end up with a bland landscape with no character.

Solution: Before you start any landscaping project, take some time to plan. Determine your budget, identify your goals, and create a detailed plan of the design. Check out one of our latest blogs for help with budget. This plan should include the type of plants, hardscaping features, and other elements you want to incorporate. By having a plan in place, you can ensure you are working in a logical order and prioritizing your needs. A landscape designer is a great resource to help with creating a plan as they possess the skills and expertise to solve problems you may not be aware of. A designer helps translate your vision into a tangible plan of action.

Mistake #2: Forgetting Your Why

When designing your own landscape it is easy to lose track of your priorities and only focus on the aesthetics. Inspiration images and design styles are a great place to start but planning with only aesthetics in mind can leave you with a landscape that doesn’t meet your needs.

Common Landscaping Mistakes Earthscape Project “ Swimming In Style”

Earthscape Project: “Swimming In Style”

Solution: Know your why. Knowing the things that cause you pain and creating solutions targeted at these issues is the best place to start when planning your landscape. Think about what causes you frustration in your space right now. This could be a nosey neighbour or lack of privacy. It could be a safety concern with a set of steps or a dark area of your yard. It could be as simple as you don’t have an area to comfortably sit. Determining your why will help you tailor the design and priortize your budget..

Constructing Your Project

Mistake #3: Underestimating Project Management

Common Landscaping Mistakes Underestimating Project Management

Managing your own landscape construction project may seem like a cost-effective endeavor, but it often comes with numerous challenges and pitfalls. Landscape construction involves a myriad of specialized tasks such as grading, irrigation, hardscaping, and plant selection, each requiring a distinct set of skills and knowledge. Attempting to oversee these aspects without the requisite expertise can lead to costly mistakes, delays, and subpar results.

Solution: Professional landscape contractors bring years of experience and a network of reliable suppliers, ensuring access to quality materials and skilled labor. Moreover, managing timelines, obtaining permits, and adhering to local regulations demands a comprehensive understanding of the construction process, something that professionals are well-versed in. Hiring a seasoned landscape contractor not only guarantees a smoother project execution but also frees homeowners from the stress and time-consuming complexities associated with DIY management.

Mistake #4: Choosing the Wrong Materials

Selecting the wrong landscape materials can introduce a host of risks and complications that compromise the aesthetic appeal and longevity of outdoor spaces. Inappropriate choices can lead to issues such as poor drainage, soil erosion, and plant stress. In the case of plantings, selecting species that are not well-suited to the local climate or soil conditions can lead to poor growth, susceptibility to pests, and high maintenance requirements.

Common Landscaping Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Solution: To mitigate the risks associated with choosing the wrong landscape materials, it is essential to adopt a thoughtful and informed approach. Engaging a professional landscape designer or contractor can provide valuable expertise in material selection based on the specific needs and conditions of your outdoor space.

Protecting Your Investment

Mistake #5: Neglecting Maintenance

Common Landscaping Mistakes Neglecting Maintenance

Earthscape Project: “Hidden Gardens”

Neglecting maintenance is another common mistake in landscaping. People often fail to prune their plants, water them properly, or remove weeds, leading to a messy, unkempt appearance. Often this can damage the health of the plants as well.

Solution: Make sure that you have a maintenance plan in place before starting any landscaping project. Determine how often you will need to water, prune, and fertilize your plants, and set a schedule to ensure that you stay on top of these tasks. Regular maintenance will not only keep your landscape looking beautiful but also prevent costly problems down the road. Consider reaching out to a maintenance company if you don’t have the time or desire to maintain your landscaping. Investing in your landscape maintenance now may save you from costly replacements in the future. Skim our recent blog for more benefits of landscape maintenance.

Mistake #6 Not Understanding the Needs of Your Plants

Even if you aren’t intentionally neglecting your maintenance, another common mistake people make is not understanding the needs of your landscape. Healthy soil is the foundation of a beautiful landscape, but many people overlook this critical aspect of landscaping. Watering requirements are another aspect easily misunderstood.

Common Landscaping Mistakes flower

Solution: Make sure you know what plants you are installing and what each requires. Consider sunlight needs and plant location in accordance with that. Understand how much water your garden needs. This requires a balance as overwatering is just as dangerous as underwater. Your garden is only as healthy as your soil is. Be sure to amend your beds before installing new material to ensure plant success. If you don’t have the time to invest in research, consider hiring a team of maintenance professionals who will know this information
so you don’t have to stress.

Landscaping serves as a fantastic means to elevate the visual appeal of your home or business. Avoiding these common mistakes helps ensure that your project ends with a beautiful, healthy, and easy to maintain landscape.

‍Want a good place to start?

Your landscape job doesn’t stop once the crews leave your yard. Your landscape has living, evolving elements and that means you will need regular care to keep it looking as good as the day it is installed. Our team of landscape maintenance professionals is ready to make your life easier and take your garden to the next level. With services ranging from biweekly or weekly maintenance, spring and fall cleanups and property enhancements there is sure to be something that meets your needs. Get in touch with us today to start your maintenance journey >>>


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