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Elevated Estate

This site required much consideration when coming up with a design solution. From the high water table, to conservation authority regulations this site presented some difficult challenges. Given the sheer size of the site, it also meant balancing the requests of the client along with the reality of budget. 

Image of Structure

The design solution proposed creating large ponds and using fill to elevate the house and main landscape elements above the water table.  Berms, retaining walls, and a custom pool that was partially raised, were also part of the plan to help transition the elevated grade at the house to the natural grade at the limit of the conservation setbacks.

Pond and Front yard

Careful thought was put into the scale of these elements to ensure that the grade was addressed in a way that appeared as natural as possible. Overall the result of the design found a solution for all the challenges and provided the client with a design for a modern, sleek entertaining haven.

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