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Enhance Your Space: Lighting

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to elevate your landscape. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider adding this enhancement to your space:

1. Ambiance 

Lighting adds a level of depth to your landscape elevating your outdoor experience. It adds warmth to any entertaining space which creates a welcoming and comforting atmosphere. Consider a variety of lighting to create the ultimate experience.

2. Extending Your Landscape Usage

Just because the sun sets doesn’t mean your outdoor enjoyment has to end. Lighting helps you get more out of your backyard space by extending how long you can use it. Try some overhead lighting for those late night dining sessions.


Lighting is not only for aesthetic purposes. It can also help protect your property. Lighting your front entrance helps deter unwanted visitors by illuminating dark corners. A flood light and soffit lighting help address this problem.

4. Way-finding

Lighting also keeps your visitors safe by allowing them to find their way in the evening, making their experience more enjoyable. Consider some path lights or even some under step lighting to create a warm welcome your guests will remember. If you live in a rural area, lighting may even help guests find your home during the evening hours. A number sign illuminated with lights or a set of pillars with decorative lamps makes finding your home painless.

5. Highlighting Important Landscape Features

Have you got a landscape feature you just love and wanted to show off? Light it up! From ponds to sculptures and even trees, up lighting can help highlight your features during the night. This allows you to enjoy your landscape at night even if you would prefer to stay indoors.

Interested in incorporating lighting into your landscape ? 

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