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Enhance Your Space: Summer Planters

With the unofficial kick off to summer this weekend and more warm weather on the horizon now is the perfect time to start thinking about your summer planters. If you caught our previous blog post, we talked all about how to design the perfect planter.  

Check out our suggestions below for some unique plants to complete your perfect planter:

Sun Planters


– Palm

– Mandevilla

– Canna


– Marguerite

– Creeping Jenny

– Sweet Potato Vine


– Diamond Frost Euphorbia

– Coleus

– Geranium

– Gerber

Shade Planters


– Elephant ears

– King Tut


– Silver Falls

– Creeping Jenny

– Sweet Potato Vine


– Impatiens

– Begonia

– Fuchsia

Design Tip:

Most annuals are available in a 4” and 6” size. The larger size is typically double the cost of the smaller size, but are twice as large. We recommend the larger size for more bang for your buck, especially because it’s a relatively short growing season.  

Maintenance tip:

Fertilize regularly when watering, at least weekly. When watering, water heavily and allow excess water to drain. This will help pull out any salinity build up and allow for better nutrient uptake.

Skip the work and leave it to us! Our group of professional gardeners would love to create the perfect custom planter for you. Inquire today >>>


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