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Fall Bulbs – Enhance Your Garden

Every spring, between snow melt and summer blooms, you may find yourself looking at the bare, brown gardens and wishing for things to hurry up and grow. Fall planted bulbs like crocuses, tulips, and daffodils beautifully fill this gap before perennial flowers really start to shine!

Crocuses are the earliest blooms in many gardens, frequently adding bursts of colour as early as March 15. These charming little flowers come in a range of whites, purples, and yellows. They are also unpalatable to deer, rabbits, and squirrels and therefore suitable for most Ontario gardens.

Daffodils (also called Narcissus) follow the crocuses, blooming between Mid-April and Mid-May. In addition to the classic yellow daffodils, plant breeders now produce white, pink, orange, and multi-coloured options. Like crocuses, daffodils are not attractive to squirrels or deer.

Tulips are one of the most beloved features of springtime in Ontario. They are available in almost any colour and size, with most blooming within the month of May. They can be planted among existing perennial displays without disturbing mature plants, and come back year after year (as long as the squirrels don’t dig them up!)

All of these spring beauties must be planted between October and December to bloom the following year. Here at Earthscape, we offer a complete bulb installation service from selection and purchasing through to planting and fertilizing.

Don’t let another year of the March Mud go by! 

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