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Modern meets Nature

Deck and Structure

Modern Materials

This simple yet modern space, based in Toronto, faced many obstacles through the process of design. From the connecting of spaces with significant grade change to permitting and zoning issues, this property demanded innovative design solutions. The main concept for this project was to connect the upper-level space with the lower level, creating a few main living spaces. On the upper level, the client wanted a large open deck space where they could entertain. With original plans to have a larger deck disrupted by zoning bylaws, the overall vision had to change to incorporate a small coffee area instead. This Azek deck and staircase allowed for a smooth transition from upper deck to the lower levels.

Mixed images of project

Custom Azek screens and a structure make the space feel private while the glass inserts on the railings softened the staircase as you descend. The height of the deck allowed an opportunity to create another living space beneath, taking advantage of every inch of the city yard. This spot allowed for a covered eating space out of the elements. Next to this is a lounge area nestled into a simple, shading loving garden. Being the only uncovered space, the lounge area allowed for full enjoyment of backyard greenery and occasional bits sun that shone through. Large slabs were used to create a cohesive look through both spaces, while sections of planting bed were incorporated with the interlock pattern to soften the space and integrate it into the natural landscape. To finish this space off lighting and a Dekko fire feature were added creating a soft evening ambience.

Picture of structure

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