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Preparing Your Fall Garden: Fall Clean Up

Welcome to Fall! With the wind-down of a busy summer season our focus shifts to getting back into a routine and preparing for winter. As the weather turns colder we start to spend more time indoors and our outdoor chores can often get put off or neglected. However, in order to have a flourishing garden in the spring, it is important to take care of it in the fall.

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Why a fall clean up? 

Here are a few reasons why getting into a routine with your garden will set you up for success in the following seasons >>>

Remove leaves for a healthy lawn and garden

  • Excess leaves in the yard block sunlight from reaching the lawn and this reduces water evaporation. With the added moisture on the grass, this can eventually cause fungi, molds, and disease.
  • Bugs love the moisture that ends up trapped under the layer of leaves. Bugs like to lay their eggs under the organic debris and/or hibernate for the winter which will cause issues in the spring.

Ideal Time for Pruning

  • Fall can be the best time for pruning many shrubs since this is when plants are getting ready to hibernate, therefore the shock of cutting is less problematic.


  • A tidy up of your garden in the fall will allow your property to look fresh, clean, and have more curb appeal. Pretty gardens aren’t just for the summer months. A clean fall garden will allow you to extend the enjoyment of your outdoor space longer into the year as well as make those fall colours pop.


  • Leaf blowing and raking from the lawn and garden beds can be time-consuming, not to mention the process of bagging them all for pick up!  During a busy fall schedule, it is always nice to have someone else do the work, especially when fall weather becomes unenjoyable.

Ready to get your fall gardens in order. Speak to one of our talented garden managers about booking a consult >>>

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