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Project Spotlight: Cliffhanger

2021 Landscape Ontario Award Winner

This project is a great representation of how the built and natural environment can work in harmony to achieve a beautiful landscape. The goal of this project was to integrate a landscape design that complimented the architecture of the home and surrounding landscape as well as provide a functional living space for the client. The client highly valued entertaining so careful attention was paid to creating a seamless connection of spaces that allowed for many areas to sit and visit. This site posed many unique challenges including significant grade change and difficult to work with bedrock. The grade change meant that we had to get creative with the location and placements of all elements. Creating a design that blended well with the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape was also a high priority. 


The overall project took around a year and half from design to construction. The result of our design included a careful selection of materials and placement of living spaces blending the natural with the constructed environment. With the use of natural stone and thoughtful placement of stairs and walls through the bedrock, the landscape elements blend into the natural conditions of the site. An outdoor kitchen allowed for even more options for entertaining with features such as large BBQ for cooking. This further blurred the lines of where the home ends and the landscape begins.

Landscape view

The hot tub overlooks a cliff edge allowing for a relaxing escape from everyday life set into the forest. Simple planting with a variety of textures creates a modern palette. Plants are integrated into the site in pockets which soften hardscape elements. The plants chosen provide pops of colour against the stunning forest backdrop. Lighting highlights the unique structure of the trees planted on site and lights the way up stairs and around the property. 

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Plan View of Landscape


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