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What To Expect from a Professional Landscaping Service

Key takeaways:

● Choose a company that can balance aesthetics and functionality with your goals and budget.

● Communication is key. Expect nothing less from the landscaping services you choose.

Choosing a team for your Landscape Design

Choosing a landscape company is hard. You don’t want to trust just anyone to design and build your dream space. Other than a home, your landscape may be one of the largest investments you make, so how do you ensure you make the right choice?

Here are 5 key things to expect from the professional landscaping service you choose.

1.  Innovation that Works for You

A good landscape company will provide you with a pretty landscape. A great landscape company will make sure their ideas are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Your landscape company should be able to come up with out of the box ideas to solve your biggest problems.

A good design should balance the function and visual appeal. There is value in the expertise that comes from an experienced and accredited team of landscape professionals.Professionals in the design build space have hands-on experience building and working with landscapes. That makes them a great option to build your space.

Your Goals. Your Budget.

A great landscape firm will also be able to work with your budget. They should see your budget as an opportunity for innovation as opposed to a limitation. This doesn’t mean you will be able to get everything you dream of, depending on your budget, but it does mean that your selected team should be able to work with you to prioritize your needs and find a solution that does work for your budget.

2.  Exceptional Customer Service

Another characteristic of a professional landscape company is exceptional customer service. This can take on many different forms but one thing should be clear; Communication.

From clear set timelines to progress updates, a professional company will keep you in the know. Communication is just as important during construction as it is during the design process. It should be consistent throughout your experience.

Open Communication

Exceptional service looks like going the extra mile. A professional landscaping company will be by your side every step of the way, explaining their process and answering any questions you may have.Find a company that is as invested in the success of your project as you are.

3.  Integrity and Values

Hand and hand with communication should be the integrity of the company you choose. Anyone can impress when things are going right but when something goes wrong you want a team that can deal with it openly and honestly.

Construction is not a straightforward process and unknowns often arise as you dig further into the project. Companies that have great relationships with their clients make sure to handle these unknowns with integrity, creating a reliable service.

Long-term Relationships

Keep in mind, a large landscape job may last anywhere from six months to a year. You want to pick a company whose values align with your own. Having a good relationship with the company you choose can mean the difference between a fun, exciting experience and a stressful, headache of a process. Professional landscaping services will work hard to create relationships as opposed to just generating customers.

4.  Think Long-Term

Professional landscape companies build landscapes that last. Any company can throw together a design but a company that takes the time to suggest ideas to extend the life of your landscape shows they really care about your project. This can look like suggesting tried and true materials, custom building things to fix your specific problems and considering things like drainage to avoid water damage. 

While these things can add cost to a project, going with a company that has a good reputation and a track record of long lasting landscapes, means you can trust they have your best interests in mind.

Invested in Their Product

Thinking long term is not just about the materials they use but their philosophy on landscaping. A good landscape company will be just as invested in how your landscape looks on the first day of installation as they are in how it looks 5 years from now.

A good indicator of their investment is the services they provide. A company that designs, builds and maintains is a great example of this as they want to ensure your landscape continues to look its best no matter what growing stage it is at. A company like this has a team of professionals with different areas of expertise to ensure the overall success of your landscape.

5.  Organized and Process Driven

Organization is the key to a smooth operation. If your landscape company does not have an organized and clear process there is bound to be things that fall through the cracks. Your landscape team should be able to walk you through next steps and provide checkpoints along the way.

Smooth Hand Off

If your project incorporates subcontractors, your selected team should be the main point of contact so all you have to do is provide input on your preferences. If your project is passed to different members of the team (i.e. designer to project manager) there should be clear communication between those members as well as a clean handoff and introduction to you, the client.

Set Yourself Up for Success 

Organization should be clear from the beginning of design creation to the clean up of your outdoor space at the end. This will ensure success and lack of confusion for all parties involved. A professional landscape company will fill you in on their processes from the get go so you start off in the right direction.

Take your landscape to the next level with professional landscape services

While there is a lot to think about when choosing a professional landscape team, keeping in mind these 5 tips will help you make the right choice.Want a good place to start?

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Ready to Start Landscaping Your Home?

If you are ready to start your landscape project or to upgrade your existing landscape, be sure to get in contact with Earthscape. Our team of experts are excited to help you create your dream landscape. 

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