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You are helping to create a greener Woolwich!

Your support of Earthscape is helping to create the first new park space in the Township of Elmira in more than 30 years!  

In partnership with the Township and Trees for Woolwich, Earthscape is helping to lead the design and development of the Elmira Nature Reserve. The project will turn 65 acres of marginal land in the south-east part of Elmira into a thriving ecosystem for native species of flora and fauna.

Work is already underway on “The Habitats” – a subsection of the larger project within the Nature Reserve. A recent article in the Observer details the exciting plans.The Earthscape team, spearheaded by Mark Schwarz, proposed eliminating invasive species and developing habitats that are already in place to create a nature reserve that is both educational and enjoyable. The overarching goal is to encourage the re-growth of a natural ecosystem. 

Why does this project matter? If COVID-19 has taught us anything it is that we all value our green spaces and this project will create more outdoor community space in Waterloo Region! In particular, the Elmira Nature Reserve will offer a diverse ecosystem and that means a better environment for everyone! 

Many volunteers and donors are contributing to the creation of this new space.  Our team has donated time, resources and equipment.  We led the design of the space and have ‘boots on the ground’ to clear out invasive species and prepare the land for planting of native trees, plants and shrubs. 

On June 5th (pending lockdown restrictions are lifted) a large tree planting initiative will begin to build back the Habitats area of the Nature Reserve.  Keep an eye out for more progress on this exciting project! 

What our team is saying… 

Mark Schwarz

Earthscape Play

“Steve Irwin said it best, “I believe our biggest issue is the same biggest issue that the whole world is facing, and that’s habitat destruction.””

Chris Enns


“We work to build beautiful landscapes for our clients everyday. It’s equally rewarding to be able to partner with the community to build a landscape that everyone can enjoy for decades and generations to come.”

Sam Bauman


“We are really fortunate to be a part of this great community and to have an opportunity to help create this unique nature preserve. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity! To be able to use our equipment and people, it was a natural fit for the company. I’m looking forward to seeing this through completion, then watching the plants grow!”


Homeowners who value creative design and exceptional craftsmanship, trust Earthscape’s simple step-by-step process to transform an outdated or non-functional landscape into an exceptional outdoor escape.

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